I consider myself as an artist who tries to link
my rich professional experiences and artistic desires with a critical mind towards important tendencies within our society. Between 1991 and 1994, my artistic activity turned primarily around word-painting in order to characterize the evolution of the neoliberal paradigma or simply to play within a concept of word-combinations. As a former journalist, I had gotten to the conviction that the influence of images had reached priority on the written word. So, why not to paint short and strong messages?

Since 1995, dealing with genetic topics has become a kind of an obsession. Above curating a group exhibition in Canada, I have realized multiple drawings, paintings, mural assemblies and installations turning around the link between art and genetics.

After Switzerland, Paris and Liechtenstein, exhibitions have followed in the province of Quebec, Montréal, Ottawa and in Southern France (Vence).

With and within my art-work I want to evoke messages within a conceptual and esthetic satisfactory frame. I try to avoid the seducing track of pure forms and empty poetics.

Manipulation is a key-word within my current work. I try to play around political and genetic subjects by manipulating ideas and images. In this context, I realize mostly mixed-media art works and wall-or space installations. In my newest work, I manipulate photo-collages by computer, sometimes by integrating real plants or objects within a mini-installation. The actual word-painting, often integrated in mural assemblies, turns mostly around genetics in a very ironical way (exhibition in Montreal/1999).