Marc Eliany



Les amoureux



Looks from behind veils worn by Moroccan women  reveal a strong passion for love and human bonding. Many women wore the veil in my childhood. Nowadays, many do not. What was a symbol of humility in a traditional society implies oppression in a modern one. Through the change, Moroccan women found a way to express their lust for life with their eyes. This is a tribute to Moroccan women.


Veiled Women I

Oil and Moroccan color pigments on jute,

1993, Vienna (35.5 x 55 inches)


Femme Voilée I

Huile et pigments Marocains sur jute,

1993, Vienne (35.5 x 55 inches)


Les amoureux

Marc Eliany


Derrière le voile des femmes marocaines: passion pour l'amour et les liens humains. De nos jours, plusieurs ne le portent pas. Ceci est un hommage que je leur rends.


Berber brides

Marc Eliany


I love the colorfully dressed Berber brides. They are so stunning that they overshadow their grooms.

I superimposed a bride on a groom to show them as one inseparable entity. Moroccan oil pigments were laid on the canvas, leaving an impression of henna freshly applied to a bride's hair.


The henna, a green plant turned into a good luck ointment, is worn like a crown, running down wet hair, impregnating it with a reddish tint.


Bride and Groom after the Henna

Oil and Moroccan color pigments on canvas,

1993, Vienna (70 x 90 cm)


Les mariés apres le henna

Huile et pigments Marocains sur toile,

1993, Vienne (70 x 90 cm)


Les mariées berbères

Marc Eliany


J'aime les mariées berbères habillées de couleurs. Elles sont si magnifiques qu'elles éclipsent leur époux.

L'huile et les pigments de couleurs sur la toile laissent une impression de henné fraîchement appliqué

sur les cheveux de la mariée.


Le henné, une plante verte devenue symbole de bonne chance, est porté comme une couronne, coulant le long des cheveux mouillés et laissant une teinte rougeâtre.


Roosters in Love in the Mellah

Oil on canvas, 1993, Vienna (80 x 90 cm)


Coqs amoureux aux Mellah

Huile sur toile, 1993, Vienne (80 x 90 cm)


My eyes caught your lips.

Marc Eliany


My eyes caught your lips.

A garden

A lawn

And soon

Budding trees,


And ripe fruits



Who will not bite,

Will bear his sin.


Lovers in Nude

 Oil on acrylic and plaster-primed canvas,

1993, Vienna (18.75 x 23.5 in)


Amoureux nues

Huile sur toile platrée et enduite d'acrylic,

1993, Vienne (18.75 x 23.5 in)


Sleep not!

Marc Eliany


Sleep not!

Drink my wine!



My garden

Your bed.



In joy

My bloom.


Scented delights,

A river stroll,

Birds singing.


The sound of

Your lips

In my garden!


Veiled Woman on a Sunny Day

Oil on canvas, 1997, Vienna (27.9 x 35.5 cm)


Femme voilée une journée ensoleilée    

Huile sur toile, 1997, Vienne (27.9 x 35.5 cm)



Come my love

Marc Eliany


Come my love

Into my garden


The roses are in bloom,

Their scent exhilarating.


Drink with me

For the sun has risen

And the birds are singing.