Marc Eliany


The Markets

Les Marchés



Brightly dyed cotton and wool fascinated me as I walked through markets and artisans' quarters, dancing over my head  to the rhythm of a light breeze, reminding me of an enigmatic custom: Berber women dancing in a line, choosing a man to marry  in a symbolic wedding that lasts  seven days!

Chasing Spirits

Oil on canvas board, 1993, Vienna (50.8 x 60.9 cm)


Dance nocturne

Huile sur toile cartonée, 1993, Vienne (50.8 x 60.9 cm)


Les Marchés

Marc Eliany


Lorsque je déambulais   à travers les marchés et les quartiers d'artisans,  j’étais ravi  à la vue du coton et de la laine teints en couleurs vives. Suspendus au-dessus de ma tête, ils dansaient au rythme d'une brise légère, me rappelant une coutume berbère énigmatique oú les femmes s'alignent pour danser, choisissent un mari pour un mariage qui ne durera que sept jours!

Wishesfor a Bright Sunny Day in the Market                           

Oil on canvas, 1993, Vienna (50 x 60 cm)


Voeux pour une journée ensoleilée au marché

Huile sur toile, 1993, Vienne (50 x 60 cm)


The lively markets

Marc Eliany


The lively markets revived my soul each time I visited my ancestors' land. I remembered granpa sitting among his spices and aunt Sarah bathing among colorful dresses that were to cover Berber maids.


After the Market on a Bright Sunny Day                                   

Oil on canvas, 1993, Vienna (50 x 60 cm)


Après le marché une journée ensoleilée

Huile sur toile, 1993, Vienne (50 x 60 cm)


Orange groves

Marc Eliany


Just outside Beni Melal, my place of birth, there are orange groves as far as one can see. I lived in Beni Melal until I was four or five  and in my mind, the groves were like a sea of green fields with oranges floating over it, beyond my reach as a child. This taken for granted image of a fruit hanging on a tree, was to move me for many years after.


Orange in Green Study

Oil on acrylic and plaster-primed canvas board,

1993,Vienna (40 x 50 cm)


Orange dans le vert

Huile sur tuile cartonée, platrée et enduite d'acrylic,

1993, Vienne (40 x 50 cm)


Moroccan Carpets I

Oil on canvas board, 1993, Vienna (27.9x35.5 cm)


Tapis marocains I

Huile sur toile cartonée, 1993, Vienne (27.9x35.5 cm)