Drugs in the Global Village
Middle East Regional Report

Supply Sources of Drugs

No information reported by 31st December 1993.

No information reported by 31st December 1993.

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Iran has been devoid of poppy and hashish cultivation since its banning by the Revolutionary Council in 1980. There is, however, an influx of opium and heroin from Pakistan and, to a greater extent, from Afghanistan into Iran. A proportion of this opium and heroin finds its way to Europe (Workshop 1993).

Most of the cannabis found in Israel originates in Lebanon and is smuggled across the northern border. Heroin reaches Israel from three main sources: Lebanon via the northern border, Southwest Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran) via Turkey or Western Europe and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos and Burma) via Europe or directly. Cocaine comes from South America directly or indirectly via the U.S. or Europe. LSD and amphetamines are imported from Europe and the U.S. A laboratory manufacturing amphetamines for local consumption was discovered in Tel-Aviv in 1991 (CND 1993).

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A new route for smuggling drugs into the country has been discovered in which the traffickers go to Pakistan, then to Tanzania and then come back to Muscat. Most of the drugs are concealed within the personal belongings (ARQ 1989).

A new route used by narcotics traffickers is along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, since law enforcement efforts along this route are hampered by the geographical conditions, operational limitations and inadequacy of resources. Traffickers continue the route through Iran and Turkey, and then going on to Eastern Europe and other parts of the World. A large quantity of narcotics are also diverted to the Mekran Coastal areas and smuggled by sea (CND 1992).
Poppy cultivation has decreased by 13.5 per cent during 1989-1990, and opium poppy will continue to be destroyed through every method including aerial spray till its cultivation is completely eradicate (IDAAS 1989).

Drugs are smuggled directly and indirectly to Qatar from the Asian drug producing countries (ARQ 1989).

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No information reported by 31st December 1993.