Drug Abuse in the Global Village

Drug Abuse in Eastern Europe

                                                    REGIONAL VARIATIONS

No information reported by 31st December 1993.


Drug abuse is more common in urban areas, especially Sofia (Bulgaria 1993).


The main increase in drug abuse is in larger urban centres (U.N. 1992).


Drug abuse is most prevalent in urban areas and in particular, in Prague, Ostrava, Brno and Bratislava (U.N. 1991).


Drug abuse tend to be concentrated in larger cities, and particularly, in Budapest (WHO 1992).


No regional variations are observed with respect to the drugs abused or the mode of intake. However, drug addiction is most prevalent in Riga and surrounding areas and in the small town of Olaine where a Pharmaceutical plant is located. Drug abuse is much lower in rural areas (U.N. 1992).


Drug abuse is more common in urban areas (U.N. 1990).


No regional variations in drug abuse can be drawn due to the limited number of registered drug abusers (U.N. 1992).


No information reported by 31st December 1993.


Drugs are abused throughout Slovenia, but most felonies for drug consumption in 1991 and 1992 were observed in the capital, Ljubljana. Illicit manufacture and trafficking offences in 1992 were the highest in Koper (South West region), Ljubljana and Celje (Eastern region) (Report 1993).



Poppy is mostly cultivated in the Western region of Ukraine. However drug abuse in this region is much lower than in the Southern and Eastern regions (U.N. 1991).