Drug Abuse in the Global Village

Drug Abuse in Eastern Europe

                                                 SUPPLY SOURCE OF DRUGS

Poppies and cannabis are grown locally (U.N. 1991 Part C).


Eighty four percent of the seized heroin in 1991 was from Turkey and Iran (U.N. 1991).


Heroin originates mainly from Turkey (Council of Europe, 1992).


Many of the Drug abused in the Republics are locally produced (Pervitin, methamphetamine and Brown). This is attributed to past isolation and inconvertibility of the local currency (U.N. 1991).


Heroin seized originates from the Middle East and cocaine from Latin America (Hungary 1991).


Amphetamines are illicitly produced in clandestine laboratories (U.N. 1992). Heroin is increasingly locally produced from local or imported poppy (U.N. 1992).


Opiates are obtained from home grown poppies and amphetamine is locally made. Cocaine seized in 1991 is believed to originate from Colombia (U.N. 1991).


Opium seized in Romania originated from Turkey, heroin from Pakistan, Turkey and Iran, and cocaine from Colombia (U.N. 1991).


One third of the narcotics involved in the illicit trafficking in the Russian Federation is reported to originate from abroad (Policy 1993).


Most cannabis is grown in Slovenia, but cannabis resin originates mainly from Morocco. LSD had been manufactured in Slovenia, but following the arrest of the producer, is now mainly supplied from the Netherlands. Heroin seized in Slovenia in 1992 came mainly from Turkey (Report 1993).



Opiates are locally produced (U.N. 1991).