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Data released by AFP indicates that cannabis and cannabis oil seizures (2,402 in 1991) exceed by far all other drug seizures: heroin (269), cocaine (86), amphetamines (74) and LSD (31). The quantities seized are roughly of the same order. Seizure trends data, although subject to some fluctuation, reveal that from 1988 through 1991, there was an increase in the quantity of cocaine seized, an increase in the number of cannabis seizures and a decrease in the quantity of heroin seized (Department of Health 1992).

In 1992, a total of 7.240 kg of cannabis (4.918 kg in 1991) and 719 cannabis plants (154 in 1991) were seized. A substantial increase in both seizures and cases of drug related offences were reported for 1993 (HONLEA 1993).

In 1990, all seizures carried out in French Polynesia were of cannabis (6.175 kg herbal cannabis, 7,626 cannabis plants and 5,111 cannabis seeds) (U.N. 1990).

No information reported by 31st December 1993.

Since 1987, all seizures carried out in New Caledonia involved cannabis (herbal, plants and seeds), except in 1987 when 2g of cocaine were seized (U.N. 1987-1990).

In 1990, 1.113 kg of cannabis liquid, 759.331 kg of cannabis herb, 100,095 cannabis plants, 2.500 kg of cannabis resin, 2,881,128 cannabis seeds, 0.266 kg of cocaine, 0.243 kg of heroin, 1,297 opium plants and capsules and 44,000 units of LSD were seized. In 1991, the seizures were 2.685 kg of cannabis liquid, 412.546 kg of cannabis herb, 175,775 cannabis plants, 1.630 kg of cannabis resin, 4.705 kg of cocaine, 0.469 kg of heroin, 43,041 units of synthetic narcotics and 33,591 units of LSD. The seizures for 1992 were 4.9 kg of cannabis liquid, 450 kg of cannabis herb, 213,000 cannabis plants, 4 kg of cannabis resin, 6.3 kg of cocaine, 0.070 kg of heroin and 21,982 units of LSD (U.N. 1992; Interpol 1991; Other 1990-1992).

Between 1990 and 1993, cannabis is the only drug reported seized in Papua New Guinea (HONLAP 1993).

About 4.5 tonnes of cannabis was reported seized which was found buried in a remote island (Solomon 1993). During 1991 and 1992, 9 cases were recorded for trafficking which ended up in confiscation (Pacific 1993).

No information reported by 31st December 1993.

No information reported by 31st December 1993.