Drug Abuse in the Global Village
Drug Abuse in the Americas

Regional Variation in Drug Abuse in the Caribbean

There is a higher rate of abuse of all drugs in New Providence than in Grand Bahamas. Of the general population of New Providence, 5.7 per cent reported "ever" abusing cocaine, while 5.4 per cent reported so in Grand Bahamas. Cannabis "ever" abuse was similar in both islands (14 per cent), hallucinogens "ever" abuse was rare, and "ever" abuse of heroin was reported as not significant (Community Survey 1991).       

            Reports of annual abuse were also higher in New Province than Grand Bahamas. For example, cocaine abuse was about 2.4 per cent in New Province compared to 0.9 per cent in Grand Bahamas (Community Survey 1991).

            Cocaine is reported abused in all regions except for San Salvador, a remote island. Cannabis is abused on all islands (U.N. 1990).


Most abuse occurs in the urban area around the capital of the country (U.N. 1990).



No information reported by 31st December 1993.