Drug Abuse in the Global Village
Drug Abuse in the Americas

National Strategies in the Caribbean

Demand reduction activities are spearheaded by the National Drug Council and are implemented with the help of non governmental organizations like Drug Action Service, Operation Hope, churches and schools. Many are funded by international organizations. A significant reduction in the number of freebase cocaine abusers is attributed to demand reduction efforts (Review Document 1990-1991). Other efforts to eliminate the use of Bahamian territory as a conduit for illicit drug trafficking include the enacting of a new legislation, amendment of existing legislation, establishment of three full time courts for drug matters and participation in international conferences (Country Statement 1991).


The Academy of Investigation of the National Drug Control Agency (Direccion de Control de Drogas, DCD) oversees drug abuse supply and demand reduction activities. Some collaboration with private institutions is reported (U.N. 1990).


The government and the private sector in the five islands of the Netherlands Antilles collaborate in the delivery of drug abuse related programmes. During 1990, a UNFDAC sponsored programme was initiated targeting lower-income barrios in Curacao. The programme was used as a pilot, prior to implementation elsewhere in the country (U.N. 1990).