Drug Abuse in the Global Village
Drug Abuse in the Americas

Arrests, Convictions and Types of Offences in the Caribbean

The number of people arrested for traffic or possession of illicit drugs in the Bahamas has not fluctuated much in the last few years. In 1992, a reported total of 1,135 people were arrested for such offenses (CICAD 1993).

            In 1989, a total of 1,261 persons were arrested for drug offenses. During 1990, the number of arrests increased to 1,443. Most of the persons arrested were Bahamians, followed by Americans (Country Statement 1991).

            According to a 1987 school survey, 0.4 per cent of students surveyed had been arrested for cocaine, and 0.5 per cent had been arrested for cannabis abuse (School Survey 1987).


The number of arrests due to illicit drug traffic or possession has increased from 2,115 persons arrested in 1988 to 4,812 in 1992 (CICAD 1993).


In 1988, a reported total of 674 people (622 males) were arrested for illicit drug possession and trafficking, and 209 were convicted in 1988. According to data from Curacao customs, 18 people were arrested for the trafficking of cocaine, and 10 were arrested for the trafficking of cannabis. A significant majority of all persons arrested are reported either unemployed or unskilled laborers. Most of them are over 20 years of age (U.N. 1988).