Drug Abuse in the Global Village
Saint Lucia

Trends in Drug Abuse

Extent of Drug Abuse: No information reported in 1993.
Abuser Characteristics: 60% of the total prison population are drug abuses, of these abusers 1% female and 59% male (U.N. 1993).
Regional Variations: No information reported in 1993.
Trends: No information reported in1993.
Mode of Intake: No information reported in 1993.

Cost and Consequences of Abuse: The estimated costs to the country of the treatment of drug addicts is approximately 1/2 - 3/4 m. E.C. dollars (U.N. 1993). A total of 110 drug related deaths were reported  (U.N. 1993).

National Responses to Drug Abuse
National Strategy: No information reported in1993.

Actions Taken to Implement International Drug Control Treaties**
Treaty adherence:
Saint Lucia is party to the 1961 Convention as amended by the 1972 Protocol.

Demand Reduction Activities
Primary Prevention:
No information reported in 1993.
Treatment and Rehabilitation: Detoxification, maintenance, outreach programmes, self help groups and support to families of drug addicts are available to drug abusers (U.N. 1993). Further training programmes are provided to counsellors I (U.N. 1993). The total number of case of HIV infection is 77 in 1992.  The percent of new cases due to IVDA directly in HIV infection is 60% and indirectly 18%, and AIDS directly 26% and indirectly 11%.  The percent of new IVDA cases in HIV infection is 44% in male and 33% in females (U.N. 1993). Social reintegration services are available for assistance in finding accommodation, counselling services for ex-abusers and families of ex-abusers (U.N. 1993).

Supply Reduction Activities
Arrests, Convictions and types of Offences:
Not available.
Seizures: Not Available.
Supply Source of Drugs: Not Available.

References and Notes
U.N. 1993. Replies to the UNDCP "Annual Reports Questionnaire" for the year 1993.

** The Legal, Administrative and Other Action Taken to Implement the International Drug Control Treaties section was prepared by the Secretariat of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs based on Annual Reports Questionnaires for the years .... (not available by March 14th 1995).