Drug Abuse in the Global Village
Falkland Islands

Trends in Drug Abuse
Extent of Drug Abuse:
According to the best informed judgment, volatile solvents are abused in Falkland Island.
Abuser Characteristics: The age range of volatile solvents abusers are between 13 and 15 years old (U.N. 1993).
Regional Variations: No new identified variations (U.N. 1993).
Trends: A large decrease is reported in the abuse of volatile solvents (U.N. 1993). Control of volatile solvents. ie. limit supplies available also purchases controlled by adult (parent) presence (U.N. 1993). Not a problem.  Population as a whole identify with drug abuse as wrong ‑ but always a minority who will try for fun, but not regular users (U.N. 1993). Possibility of students coming into contact with other drug abusers when attending colleges in U.K.  However, no proved contact known (U.N. 1993).
Mode of intake: Volatile solvents are inhaled and sniffed (U.N. 1993).

Cost and Consequences of Abuse: No information reported in 1993.

National Responses to Drug Abuse
National Strategy: No information reported in 1993.

Actions Taken to Implement International Drug Control Treaties**
Treaty adherence:
Falkland Islands is not party to any of the UN Conventions.

Demand Reduction Activities
Primary Prevention:
Prevention activities are carried out in primary and secondary schools, while drug education as part of the curricula are carried out in secondary schools (U.N. 1993). Prevention activities are targeted to youth groups (U.N. 1993). Law enforcement agencies, medical departments and social welfare are involved in the formulation and implementation of prevention programmes (U.N. 1993). Since 1993, the media such as television is active in promoting drug prevention messages (U.N. 1993). Informal collaboration exists with health professionals and law enforcement agencies (U.N. 1993).
Treatment and Rehabilitation: Initial treatment if indicated would be carried out at the King Edward Memorial Hospital.  Patient would then probably be a medical patient for treatment and rehabilitation in U.K., as islands have no rehabilitation centres, etc.
Recommendations for treatment and rehabilitation if patient returned to islands would be on advice of those having treated patient in U.K. and in compliance with social department, pharmacy and medical department within islands (U.N. 1993). The treatment facilities include general hospitals (1) (U.N. 1993). The total number of abusers who received any treatment or rehabilitation services during the year under review is 2 males (U.N. 1993).

Supply Reduction Activities
Arrests, Convictions and types of Offences:
Not available.
Seizures: Not Available.
Supply Source of Drugs: Not Available.

References and Notes

U.N. 1993. Replies to the UNDCP "Annual Reports Questionnaire" for the year 1993.
** The Legal, Administrative and Other Action Taken to Implement the International Drug Control Treaties section was prepared by the Secretariat of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs based on Annual Reports Questionnaires for the years .... (not available by March 14th 1995).