Drug Abuse in the Global Village
Drug Abuse in North America

Social Measures in North America

Penal Sanctions related to social measures:
In 1991, courts applied measures of treatment, education, after-care, rehabilitation or social reintegration for a drug-related offence both as an alternative and in addition to conviction or punishment.

Other social measures:
A national drug strategy was launched in 1987 in response to growing awareness that drug-related problems pose a long-term and serious threat to the health and well-being of all Canadians. The drug strategy brings together many groups and individuals in both the public and private sectors into working partnerships. 70 percent of the total funds available for the implementation of the strategy are allocated to prevention, treatment and rehabilitation initiatives. A main component of the strategy are activities in the area of prevention which in 1991 were targeted at young people aged 11-17.



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