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Jeremy Rotsztain - biography


Jeremy Rotsztain is a Canadian video artist and software developer whose hybrid practice incorporates cinema, painting, computer science, sound design, performance, animation, imaging, and architecture.In his painterly video installations and digital images, Jeremy analyzes mass culture - especially Hollywood cinema - and examines our shared cultural experiences. Using serial approaches (looping) and sampling techniques (cutting and pasting), his work searches for and highlights patterns and tendencies in the design and creation of mainstream culture. By engaging in the sampling and remixing of cultural objects, he explores the nature of digital media while proposing new methods for its consumption.

As part of his practice, Jeremy custom-designs and programs software for image manipulation, video editing, and animation. This affords him the ability to find new forms of expression not available when working with commercial tools, which are designed for specific methods of working. Programming software also allows him to find hybrid ways to work with traditionally separate activities.Jeremy recently completed his Master's degree in art and technology at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University. He has previously taught courses on electronic media performance and installation at InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre and York University (Toronto). He has performed and exhibited his work in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, New York City, and Berlin.