Tavi Weisz

Tavi Weisz is a visual artist who moved from Budapest, Hungary to Ottawa in 1999. In the same year he completed his postgraduate studies in Fine Arts at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest. In 1995 he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Academy of Visual Arts in Cluj, Romania and a Civic Education Diploma from the Art Contemporain et Institution Université de Paris II.

Artist Statement

I intend my paintings to provoke thought, not to reveal my own thought processes. As a painter I take it upon myself to suggest new ways of organizing, understanding reality. For me nothing is ordinary anymore. In my paintings in many cases I use images, which are familiar to the viewer, and I establish unsettling relations between them. I am opening to chance and primal impulses. This is a way to free myself from conscious control and to enter a trancelike meditative state. Forms and images could be extracted out of the process itself, without preconceived ideas. The viewer is forced to gain understanding through emotions without any preconceptions and as a result my works are suppressing the tendency to understand through the intellect. Through the tactile qualities of the surface a certain connection even catharsis it is established between image, eye and soul. My aim is to disconcert the viewer and reveal possible alternatives to what seems to be forever fixed and unchanged.

Tavi's artwork can be viewed at www.artengine.ca/weisz