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OCAD U's First Annual Gallery Crawl

Saturday, March 10, 2018
2 to 5 p.m.


Visit the new OCAD University art district at OCAD U's first annual Gallery Crawl, featuring special programming at our nine galleries!

Ignite Gallery (165 Augusta Ave.)
Continuing Studies Gallery (285 Dundas St. W.)
Learning Zone (113 McCaul St.)
The Great Hall, Ada Slaight Student Gallery and Anniversary Gallery (100 McCaul St.)
Open Space Gallery (49 McCaul St.)
Graduate Gallery (205 Richmond St. W.)
Onsite Gallery (199 Richmond St. W.)

Ignite Gallery (165 Augusta Ave.)
You Done Taken My Blues and Gone
Artists Timothy Hunter and Erin Jones with speak about their Collective and work in the exhibition.

The title, You Done Taken My Blues and Gone, is a quote from Langston Hughes 1940’s poem ‘Note on Commercial Theater’ which speaks on the theft of Black cultures by white dominated markets. The poem, much like this show, remarks on the insidious ways in which Black art forms and material culture are co-opted and divorced from the distinct Black experience that produced them. Artists: Sydne Barnes Wright, Tim Hunter, Oreka James, Aaron Jones, Ekow Stone, Destiny Grimm.

Continuing Studies Gallery (285 Dundas St. W.)
Convergence: Works by Continuing Studies Instructors
Director of Continuing Studies, Evan Tapper, will speak about the exhibition and the Continuing Studies program.

Artists and designers: Adrian Bica, David Griffin, Thomas Hendry, Karen Justl, Chung-Im Kim, Olenka Kleban, Gideon Näf, Fritz Park, Lauren Schaffer, Janice Schulman, and Cortney Stephenson

Learning Zone (113 McCaul St.)
Exhibiting artists Nataly Kais, Ehiko Odeh and Kaylee Meyer will speak about the exhibtion and their work.

Perspectives is an exhibition showcasing the work of international students at OCAD U. While being international means different things to each student, it is oftentimes a big part of one's identity. This diverse body of work that international students are creating that highlights their abilities, personalities and passions. Artists: Chen Luo, Chenjun Zhu, Ehiko Odeh, Ji Woo Lim, Kalore Jingmei Cao, Kaylee Meyer, Michelle Scholz, Nataly Kais, Qirou Yang, Raquel Gouvea, Jose Felicio da Costa, Rui Kang, Tim Hu, Tony Mulo, Zhiyi Qian.

Ada Slaight Student Gallery (100 McCaul St.)
Consciousness: The Embodied Space of Isolation
Consciousness: The Embodied Space of Isolation is curated by Emma-Kate Deuchars, Avery Geboers, Jamie Park and Dana Snow, students of the 3rd year Curatorial and Criticism Practice course, The Work of the Curator. Artists: Ron Siu, Janica Olpindo, Morris Wazney, Michelle Homonylo, Hana Elmisry and Michelle Cieloszczyk.

In Flux
Curated by Sanjit Dhillon, Alessia Dowhaniuk, Abby Ho and Meredith Wood, students of the 3rd year Curatorial and Criticism Practice course, The Work of the Curator. In Flux explores idleness and the fluidity between production and rest. Artists: Lamont Abramczyk, Gabrielle Leighton, Sam McGuire, Jeremy Saya.

Anniversary Gallery (100 McCaul St.)
Wandering Ground: Finding Paths
Four OCAD U students who were part of last year's Global Experience Project, with artist Isaac Julien, reflect on their experiences. Artists: leaf jerlefia, Yuling Chen, Aaron Robert Morre, Justyna Werbel.

The Great Hall (100 McCaul St.)
Festival of the Body
The Festival of the Body is a showcase of the best Student work that engages with the notion of body/figure through a wide range of concepts and media. Artists: Kelly Adams, Noor Awan, Rebekah Bowen, Alexandria Boyce, Marli Davis, Hana Elmasry, Jonathan Fong, Zamila Islam, Kate Kilty, Ante Benedict Kurili?, Gabrielle Leighton, Amanda Lindenbach, Toni Lomax, Clara Lynas, Noah Melrose, Janica Olpindo, Kelly O'Neill, Mira Marie Pedari, Emma Russell, Jeremy Saya, Suzanne Simoni, Janine Steeper, Ahlena Sultana-McGarry, Josiah Tsang, Kristin Thorlaksdottir, Teresa Williams, Qirou Yang.

Open Gallery (49 McCaul St.)
The Opioid Crisis: Naloxone Kits for Public Spaces
This project developed product responses to the opioid crisis for the treatment of overdoses, making available the drug Naloxone in public spaces. Three systems to make Naloxone kits visible, accessible, and to break stigma, were developed by industrial design students for the undergraduate studio course, Design for Health and Wellness. Team Restrooms: Zoe Trommer, Lucas Bruketa and Perry Miller. Team Bars/Restaurants: Winnie Chen, Yifei Li and Madeleine Bailey. Team Libraries: Chris Cimini, Murtaza Kerani and Connor Novac.

Exploratory Interactions Between Spatial Platforms
Dr. Claire Brunet and Digital Future Graduate student Thoreau Bakker experiment with Virtual Reality and 3D data capture technologies to convey meaning inside digital sculptural referents. The researchers are studying interactions between spatial platforms that stimulate and challenge artists’ perceptions and relationships to space, time, and materiality. This research explores artistic interactions with digital modes of production.

Graduate Gallery (205 Richmond St. W.)
Ukiuktaqtumi is a 30 min. film by Montreal-based Inuk artist, Stephen Agluvak, using video images sourced from the internet. Puskas presents a self-determined and consenting outlook of life in the North. The film is shown in conjunction with the 2018 Contemporary Art, Design and New Media Art Histories Graduate Student Conference "un-histories: art and the unconcluded", which seeks to seeks to counter history’s containment and to foreground its continuing relevance in the present.

Hunter's Moon
Artists Sarah Carlson and Kirstie McCallum with speak about their work.

Through photography, installation, and video, Hunter’s Moon explores the complex ethics of getting close to nature as a post-industrial person. The artists engage with hunting culture while raising ethical questions about interspecies relationships. Carlson and McCallum are graduate students in the Interdisciplinary Master's in Art, Media and Design program at OCAD University. Their practices interrogate the conceptual systems through which humans embrace or separate themselves from “nature”.

Onsite Gallery (199 Richmond St. W.)
The Sunshine Eaters
Francisco Alvarez, Dorene & Peter Milligan, Executive Director, OCAD U Galleries will speak about the gallery and exhibition. Artist Jessica Karuhanga will be present and speak about her work.

The Sunshine Eaters is an original multi-sensory exhibition that highlights how artists and designers look to the land and its plants, flowers and trees as a means to imagine and conjure hope in the face of local and global crises. Artists: Shary Boyle, Nick Cave, Robert Holmes, Jim Holyoak, Brian Jungen, Jessica Karuhanga, Alexandra Kehayoglou, Nina Leo and Moez Surani, Tony Matelli, Alanis Obomsawin, Ebony G. Patterson and Winnie Truong. Curated by Lisa Deanne Smith.


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