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The Loveliest Girl In The World - Empowering Photography In Ottawa

The Loveliest Girl in the World - an award winning Finnish photography exhibit is arranged courtesy of the Embassy of Finland and it is part of Women's Worlds 2011 Conference hosted by Carleton University and University of Ottawa. The beloved exhibit is displayed for the first time outside Europe and after Canada it will travel to Washington D.C. and Mexico City. The Loveliest Girl In The World exhibit series consists of 120 chromogenic colour prints printed by artist Miina Savolainen.

The Loveliest Girl in the World is photography project unique in scope, realized by Miina Savolainen with ten girls growing up in a children's home. The overlooked and mistreated girls were photographed on their own terms in order for the girls and those around them to appreciate their worth. Behind this was Miina Savolainen's understanding that verbal communication was not a sufficient tool to heal children whose trust had been broken with words. Empowering photograhpy, borne out the project, has been in use in Finland in therapy, education and workplace development since the year 2000. This award
winning social innovation developed by Savolainen elevates the exchange of a gaze into a powerful tool for human interaction.

The Loveliest Girl in the World exhibit is a touching archetypal coming-of-age story of a marginalized child becoming visible and her self-acceptance. In the project photos the girls could see themselves as whole and valuable. Mythical nature appears as the protector of a wounded child in the fairy tale -like photos.Everyone is entitled to feel precious and beloved.

Behind the over hundred chromogenic photographs developed personally by the artist for the exhibit are over 70 000 frames and over 200 000 kilometers of driving to stunningly beautiful places in the Finnish landscape.The companion book is the most successful photography book of all time in Finland and its story has touched people of all ages and backgrounds.

Miina Savolainen is a community art oriented photographer from Helsinki whose works deal social engagement. She is currently working on a community art project involving fatherhood and as well intersexed and transgendered

Opening time extended
until September 2nd

Sussex Gallery, Old City Hall
111 Sussex Drive,

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Anna Airaksinen
Assistant of te Artist
Tel. +358.50.341.4739

Heini Harala
Embassy of Finland
Tel: 613.288.2241
The beloved Finnish exhibition in Ottawa:
The Loveliest Girl In The World


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