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not 20 meters apart: a salon show

Studio Sixty Six
New Exhibition

not 20 meters apart: a salon show
Ends March 7, 2021

We are excited to showcase Studio Sixty Six’s accomplished and talented artists with our exhibition, not 20 meters apart: a salon show, which includes something from all of our 2021 S66 artist's.
This global pandemic continues to be a challenging experience pushing many limits and stretching us to be innovative. But, our collective abilities to be inspired by beauty, share cultures through art, and seek out creative expressions and energy to adorn our private spaces does not have to be.

We are open to the public as of Tuesday, February 16, 12-6pm
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 12-6pm

Studio Sixty Six
Suite 101, 858 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3W3
Gallery: (613) 800—1641
Mobile: (613) 355—0359


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