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ONE INSPIRATION – The Very First Ideas from Korean Tradition and Culture presented by The Korean Culture presented by the Korean Cultural Centre and Gallery 101

In partnership with The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and the Korean Cultural Centre, we are pleased to co-host curated by the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul. Different works from the exhibition will be presented at the Korean Cultural Centre Gallery and the Gallery 101, opening November 22 and 23 respectively.

Curated by the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul, exhibition introduces works by ten nationally and internationally recognized Korean artists of contemporary art, featuring their paintings, photographs, sculptures and video installations. The exhibition is structured with 3 different themes: the Origin of Ancestors-myths and religion; The Life of Ancestors-Flavor of Life; the Inventions of Our Ancestors-Hangeul and Hanji.

The exhibition aims to promote the aesthetics of Korean tradition and to locate the roots of contemporary Korean art in traditional culture. Bridging the past, present and future, traditional Korean culture provides artists with boundless sources of ideas. This exhibition is an attempt to shed light on the creative process of those ten established artists and to find their very first ideas stemming from Korea’s unique tradition; the exhibits reveal how their art reflects this.

Exhibition Information
Korean Cultural Centre Gallery (150 Elgin St., Unit 101)
Opening: Friday, November 22, 2019 18:30~21:00
canada@korea.kr/ (613) 233-8008

Gallery 101 (280 Catherine St.)
Opening: Saturday, November 23, 2019 13:00~17:00
Please arrive by 1 pm for an opening ceremony by our Indigenous Elder Barbara Dumont Hill, opening remarks from the Korean Cultural Centre, and an artist tour.
director@g101.ca/ (613) 230-2799

Exhibition closes Friday February 14 2020 at both venues.


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