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ORIGINALITHÉ The Artful Teapot Show” by Michelle Lemire at Galerie Old Chelsea

November 15 to December 4, 2019 Wednesday to Saturday 11 to 6 pm; Sunday 11-5 pm

Vernissage: Sunday November 17 - 1 – 4 pm

From time immemorial, tea has been a source of inspiration to creators of countless sophisticated works of art. An object of desire across the centuries, the teapot is not only an icon but has also become an innovative artistic vehicle of expression. In homage to the teapot’s constantly evolving shape which marries tradition and innovation, Galerie Old Chelsea is delighted to host the 2019 edition of the biennial artful teapots show by well-known ceramic sculptor artist Michelle Lemire. From the ceremonial to the sculptural teapot, the exhibition entitled "ORIGINALITHÉ" presents a collection of works of expression combining porcelain, stone, bronze, silver and gold. We invite you to view this exhibition of beautiful works.,


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