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Opening Reception of Christine Fitzgerald | Captive

Thursday, October 17th, 2019, 6pm-9pm
Location: Studio Sixty Six, 101 - 858 Bank Street

The parrot: symbolic of our fascination with the exotic,
and yet victim, too, of these preoccupations.

Show Runs: October 17 - November 24
For more information email or call 613.800.1641

"This is a project about these coveted creatures. It is a meditation on themes surrounding the often conflicted, often tenuous relationship between humans and the natural world, areas I’ve explored in previous bodies of photographic work.

My intent with this new undertaking is to celebrate not just the natural beauty and character of parrots, but also to express through these birds who we are as humans, and how we shape our world. I hope that my images will not only give voice to the parrots, but will serve to mirror us as individuals, to hold true as memento mori – reminding viewers about their own mortality and the fragility of life.

My inspiration came from a news story a few years back. One of Canada’s largest rehabilitation/education centres for parrots needed a new home. A patron emerged, and a new facility was secured. I was intrigued by this avian world, and discovered that there is an active market for parrots, many of which are threatened or endangered. People buy the birds as pets and then discover they are difficult to manage. With their incredible longevity, many parrots outlive their owners. For abandoned parrots, there are few safety nets.

Captive includes pigment prints, as well as hand-printed platinum/palladium and gum bichromate over palladium prints. The hand-printed prints are one-of-a-kind photographic prints created by using three historical processes from the 19th century merged with modern technology – the wet collodion, the gum bichromate and platinum/palladium processes. The process is labour intensive and the prints take several days to create. Each print is a unique piece that is one of the most archival photographic prints there is. I see the addition of colors through layers as a metaphor for the rich layers of humanity’s history with parrots. By using these historical photographic printing processes, I allude to the past, when it was common for travelers to bring back souvenirs from exotic lands, linking the subject matter to a disturbing present reality."

Christine Fitzgerald is an award-winning fine art photographer from Ottawa, Canada. Christine has always been captivated with the natural environment. Her fascination began in her childhood growing up in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada, and has never abated. Much of her work deals with the relationship between humans and nature, and the tension that this relationship inevitably creates. Her images are produced intuitively using digital and vintage large format cameras and lenses, often integrating historical and modern photographic tools and processes. Christine has degrees from Acadia and Dalhousie Universities, and completed the diploma program at the School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa. She recently completed an artist residency at the Ottawa School of Art and was an Invited Artist in Residence in print media, at York University’s School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design. Christine has won numerous awards including the 2016 International Fine Art Photographer of the Year in the International Photography Awards in New York City and was a category winner of the 2017 International Julia Margaret Cameron Award for women photographers. She was one of 15 visual artists selected for the historic Canada C3 Expedition on the occasion of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. Her work has been showcased in exhibits around the world including Ottawa, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Barcelona and London, and has been featured by The Washington Post, National Geographic, Feature Shoot, the CBC, Post Media newspapers, Black+White Photography Magazine UK, and PhotoEd Magazine.


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