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Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt: Expanded Practice [residency]

Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt: Expanded Practice [residency]
Public Drop-In Sessions: September 14th + September 21st 12PM-3PM | September 19th 5PM-8PM

SAW Video's Knot Project Space is pleased to host Marc-Alexandre Reinhardt as the second artist in its new process-driven residency: Expanded Practice. The Hull-based artist will continue his explorations into the materiality of sound by composing with the spatial aspects of the Knot Project Space. Focusing on the Alexandra Bridge and its distinctive, public tones as a source recording, Reinhardt will transpose into the space the engineering logic of the bridge’s truss system, the structural integrity of which is dependent upon a balance of compression, tension and mutual support. Anchoring activated piano wires to the walls and ceiling beams, Reinhardt's approach to the residency will accumulate and propose a series of sonic shapes: vibrating, entangled architectures housing a collective resonance.

Although there is no final public exhibition attached to artist’s participation in the Expanded Practice residency, the public is invited to visit the space during a series of drop-in sessions throughout the artist’s residency (times listed above) to view the work in-progress. The artist or curatorial staff will be present at each of these sessions to contextualise the work for the visitor and frame the trajectory of their spatial explorations.

Read more: http://www.sawvideo.com/knot/event/expanded-practice-0


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