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David Barbour's "10 minutes ago"

With Flare Photography is proud to announce a new curatorial effort at the Green Door Restaurant. Starting in September the North Room of the restaurant will be devoted to a series of photographic exhibits.
First up is David Barbour's "10 minutes ago".

10 minutes ago

September 3rd - December 1st, 2019
The Green Door Restaurant
198 Main Street
Ottawa, K1S 1C6

David will speak with the photographic discussion group FAP:O (fap-o.ca) after 7 pm, September 19th at the restaurant. All are welcome.

Artist’s statement

In 2016, I sold my film cameras and began producing personal colour digital photographs for the first time. You can see the evolution of my work at www.davidbarbour.com

Times change — new digital technology and social media make a powerful partnership.
Using my Nikon 810/850 cameras, I experienced the satisfaction of improved detail and the pleasure of sharing my images only 10 minutes after finding an interesting subject!

The Autumn photographs were taken in the rain; the Winter ones, after fresh snowfall. Choosing these times highlights the colours and shapes of the two seasons. Combined with changes of the light, these choices transform the ordinary to produce an image that is your own.

We live in a very fragile, damaged world and the search for a little beauty in life is chal-lenging and healthy/life-giving. It is where I want to be.

Artist’s bio

For over 45 years I have balanced personal photo projects with freelance assignments. Clients have included National Film Board Still Photography Division, CIDA, Canadian Geo-graphic, Natural Resources Canada, Library and Archives Canada, The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa Art Gallery and the City of Ottawa Public Art Program.
Studied photography at the Banff School of Fine Arts (1973-76) and geography at University of Regina (1970-73).

Career highlights include :
*Mid-Career Canada Council grant, 1999, to continue my photography of Havana
*World Press Award, 1985, CIDA photograph, Egypt
*City of Ottawa Project Grant, 2015, Rideau Canal in Winter

Currently teaches photography at the School of Photographic Arts in Ottawa (SPAO) and the Ottawa School of Art.


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