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Administrative Officer Position

The Enriched Bread Artist Studio is hiring a new Administrative Officer

Reports to: The Board of Directors
Hours of Work: 6-10 hours a week, with some evening and weekend hours
Remuneration: $17/hour
Position to Commence: August 26th
Deadline to Apply: July 22nd


- Review bank and GIC statements. Enter accounts receivable and payable in QuickBooks. Maintain regular backups of Quickbooks.
- Collect and deposit, all fees including damage deposits, last month rent deposits, administrative fees, and post-dated rent cheques from members, contractors, or subletters.
- Open House Finances: Track and deposit sponsorship funds. Track and issue cheques, for committee expenses. Collect all committee expense receipts. Pick up and distribute bar floats. Prepare totals for 1st - 2nd Floor bars, donation box totals for each day of event. Deposit funds as required. Roll coins and deposit post-event. Prepare Open Studio Financial Comparison.
- Track funding and expenses separately for all grants and specifically funded projects (Replaces item on special projects).
- Signing Authority: Draft Signatory Authorization letter for Bank following AGM regarding notification for changes in Signing Officers.
- Prepare a monthly financial report for Board meetings
- Prepare monthly corporate bank deposit.
- At end of fiscal year (May 31), provide copy of Corporate QuickBooks Account plus other materials to accountant for year end and federal and provincial tax return preparation. Submit completed returns to revenue agency.
- Prepare projected budget and calculate next year’s rents and provide the Board with options for subsidizing rents based on the operating costs for the year.
- Monitor automatic payments form the bank account for rent, insurance internet etc.

Board of Directors
- Prepare and print meeting agendas, (in consultation with board president).
- Attend all meetings.
- Draft and distribute copies of administrator report at meeting.
- Circulate requisite copies of agendas, previous meeting minutes, admin report and any correspondence directed to the board to all Directors.
- File copies to EBA files and minutes log.
- Report on all matters of corporate and membership business during meetings and as required.

General Meetings
- Prepare support documents as required. General meetings may be called by the board at any time for matters requiring membership participation and approval.

Annual General Meeting and Annual Financial Meeting
- Post Advance Meeting Notices 30 days prior to meeting date.
- Send meeting reminders to membership prepares and distributes copies of meeting documents to the membership.
- Prepare and present Projected Budget Report in consultation with Treasurer for upcoming fiscal year.
- Prepare an overview of the past year’s finances for the AGM.
- Present the Accountant’s Report on finances and taxes at the Financial General Meeting.

Committee Review
- Respond to all inquiries regarding membership at the EBA.
- Collect submission packages and coordinate Committee Review Meetings, notifying membership of dates, preparing candidate list/meeting forms, organizing support materials, meeting room, slide projector/carousel and/or availability of lap-top for c.d. image review.
- Facilitate submission review meetings. Take responsibility for outreach at direction of Board.
- Draft letters of decline to artists not accepted to waiting list.
- Return artist’s support materials when SASE provided.
- Send notification of acceptance to successful candidates.
- When a studio becomes available, promptly contact members in order of priority as listed on the internal waiting list. Artists on the external waiting list are contacted once the internal decisions regarding space have been completed.
- Update revised external waiting list.


Contracts and Records
- Maintain electronic/hard copy files for corporate business, finance, board meetings, general meetings, correspondence, leases, contracts, internal and external waiting lists and maintain back up file.
- Manage contracts and memberships: e.g. Rogers (telephone and internet), CARFAC and OAC, Wallack’s discount list etc.
- Update insurance broker regarding changes in membership and provide updated membership list annually prior to renewal of policy in July or when there are changes in membership i.e. sublets. Renew Director and Operations Insurance annually.
- Send artists’ equipment inventories as required and notify members regarding extended insurance coverage. Collect and deposit member payments.
- Be present for insurance inspections and advise members of inspection date.
- Notify government of Ontario and CRA of new board members within 30 days of the new fiscal year or election, whichever is later.
- Maintain open studio invitation archives and file original media samples as provided.

Maintenance and Infrastructure
- Notify landlord and maintenance committee of any maintenance problems arrange times and dates for contractors to have building access. Liaise between landlord and Board of Directors and membership for scheduling of repairs.
- Purchase office, maintenance, and meeting supplies as required. Set up annual appointment for fire extinguisher servicing.

Public Relations and Communications
- Manage telephone correspondence: retrieve all messages and return calls from answering service. (Minimum once per day)
- Facilitate studio tours for groups, artists or other individuals with an interest in the organization. Coordinate scheduling with group contact person, advise membership of time/dates, and solicit volunteers/participating artists as required.
- Aid with promotion of special events and social media promotion as required.

Leases and Membership
- Prepare leases in April (in duplicate) to be distributed for end of May for new lease term beginning June 1. Ensure all leases properly completed: one copy to file and one to member.
- Draft and prepare subleases if member sublets his/her space (in triplicate, one for new tenant, subleasor and EBA) and collect appropriate administration fees.
- Draft and prepare contracts for studio sharing.
- Provide handout (to be developed) for new members, distribute keys, provide orientation, copies of bylaws and policy.
- Be aware of bylaws and policies. Circulate memos to membership as required and if necessary inform board. Amend and update corporate documents as directed by board.

- Coordinate and administer Special Projects, and committee work as required, and as administration funding allows.


Enriched Bread Artists (EBA) is a multivalent collective of diverse Ottawa artists. The collective takes its name from the fact that the cooperatively run studio group is located in a former bread factory. Originally formed in 1992 by graduates of the University of Ottawa, the member artists have changed over time, in an ongoing artistic ferment. EBA is an art studio and an artistic laboratory.
Today EBA is the biggest artist studio co-op building in the Ottawa region. Artists in the collective show their work locally, nationally and internationally. For the Ottawa community, EBA artists present an annual studio open house every October.Since 2007, EBA has run two artist run galleries showing local and international artists.

EBA Administrator
951 Gladstone Avenue
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 3E5

(office) 613-729-7632


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