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Time-lapse Video
Saturday April 27 & 28, 2019, 12-5pm each day
Members $125.00 / Non-Members $150.00
This workshop will be an introduction to the technique of creating time-lapse videos and will focus on the use of SAW Video’s Sony A7SII and Sony A7SIII Camera’s. Day 1 of this Workshop will focus on Camera settings and shooting time-lapse Videos. Day 2 will focus on Post-Production and editing techniques for time-lapse videos.

How to shoot Video with a DSLR Camera
May 4 2019, 11am-5pm
Members $65 / Non-Members $90
The workshop will include an overview of camera settings, discussions on technical limitations, workarounds, and shooting assignments. It will also include approaches to file management, sound, and the use of camera accessories.

Video Production Theory & Terminology
Wednesday May 8 2019, 6-10pm
Members $35 / Non-Members $60
This seminar-style workshop aims to bring students with little to no knowledge of video production to a certain level of media production literacy. It focuses on explaining media aesthetics theory, technical and creative aspects of media production, the terminology of video production/post-production, and how to use this terminology competently.

Intro to Video Editing with Blender
May 11 & 12, 2019, 12-5pm each day
Members $125 / Non-Members $150
In this 2 day workshop, participants will be introduced to Blender’s interface and learn how to configure the Video Editing layout to more closely resemble that of other video editing software (e.g. Premiere Pro). They will then learn how to do basic film editing using Blender (importing media, cutting and grouping clips, using markers, adding crossfades, using and animating transforms, and applying colour corrections).

Intro to VFX with DaVinci Resolve
May 15 & 16, 2019, 6-10pm each day
Members $95 / Non-Members $120
Over two evenings participants will explore creating animated mograph and principal VFX compositing covering lessons on keying and camera tracking. Understanding the power and flexibility of a nodal workflow is the first step in mastering the world of professional industry post-production software like (Fusion, Nuke, Mocha and Natron).

Introduction to Video Production
May 25 & 26 2019, 12-5pm
Members $125.00 / Non-Members $150.00
This two-day workshop teaches the basics of camera, lighting and audio through hands-on training. Participants will receive basic instruction on SAW Videos HD Video Cameras, such as the Sony Z90, or the Panasonic AC-160, and they will be taught three-point lighting and introduced to various types of lights, such as LED’s, Fresnel’s, Arri’s, and Kino’s.


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