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Un{fashion}able: a solo exhibition of new works by Sarah Marie Lacy

Dates: Tuesday February 5, 2019 – Thursday February 21, 2019
Vernissage: Artist Meet & Greet: Sunday February 17, 2019, 1pm-3pm
Location: LaLande + Doyle Gallery (lower level), Shenkman Arts Centre. 245 Centrum Blvd, Ottawa
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To “fashion” something is to mold it into the shape we desire. Un{fashion}able is a show about self-possessed bodies we cannot fashion to our whims, painted in an unfashionable way, eschewing a contemporary aesthetic for an 18th century one. The lens these figures is viewed through is one of grace, humanity and power; one that traces the stories life has written upon their skin and bones.

We are presented daily with a relentlessly homogenous view of the “perfect” human body - preferably thin, white and young - as though that is the only body-story worth telling. In a world often viewed and assimilated by means of camera lens, filters and Photoshop, how often do we see honest, truthful bodies? How often do we ask ourselves to truly see and understand the world and the people around us?

There is power in witnessing the narrative of someone’s body, in representing the truth of their form. Even surfaces have stories to tell; their contours tell us of the world that lies beneath. Our stories connect us, even our unspoken ones.

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