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Julie Beauchemin, STATUS

As a painter, I adhere to painting as a language system and base my research on the interaction and behaviour of the media. I am interested in translating the idea that notion of space, like proximity and distance, can be revealed by moving across a canvas with a brush and consequently create a narration. These brush marks make up the elements of this language and reveal a personal signature much like the act of tagging in street art. While bringing this notion to light, I am continuously reinventing and investigating ways to paint with a consciousness of the space that create the composition. I strive to organize chaos and disorder by juggling with these components until the painting is resolved.

I see the act of painting like an act of destruction and reconstruction. I intervene on a surface by an accumulation process of various elements. At times I apply the media in a very thick paste; at times I cover the surface with thin layers of washes, diluted mediums and inks. I use oil sticks, spray paint or any other means to get to the result, I am very inspired by the limitation of what is at reach in my surrounding. I often chose to destroy the surface by a scratching and wiping process, this process reveals imperfect images with an unusual aesthetics.

My paintings contribute to an evolving contemporary discourse by defying rules. By defragmenting all genre, I employ all means of intervention using any media and any technique to achieve my pieces to convey an absence of rules principle. A metalanguage notion then emerges by presenting what could be for example, street art or graffiti, on a support that would suggest a more traditional approach to commercialized establishments.

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