Calls for Submission

October (un)told: I Could Make You Scared…

The October night air gives us chills and so do these tales…

Ever hear things that go bump in the night?

What made your hair stand up straight?

Or goose the flesh?

…Did you ever get a call from inside the house?

We are collecting stories on the theme “I Could Make You Scared…” Sign
up to tell your story by sending your pitch to
untold.ottawa@gmail.com. Stories should be 7 minutes long or shorter,
and told without notes or props. Sit back and enjoy the sweet mix of
spontaneity, humour, and occasional outrageousness that makes (un)told
so special.

Sunday, October 21, 7:30pm

Heart & Crown ByWard Market (Black Rose Room)

Admission is FREE!

(un)told is a monthly event featuring personal stories told live in a
relaxed setting without notes, sets, or props. It’s the kind of night
where everyone has something interesting to say. Contact us at:
untold.ottawa@gmail.com|(613) 322-8336



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