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Analogs by Ellen Astle

From May 11 to May 24, Analogs by Ellen Astle will be on display at The Art House Cafe. This engaging collection of oil and acrylic on canvas explores the evolution and antiquation of technology and other everyday objects. In the artist's own words:

"Analogs is a series inspired by treasures found in my attic and my feverish need to preserve relics of technology in an ever-so-quickly changing world. Some of these artifacts I have never even used and I'm intrigued that future generations won't even know what they are, so I like the idea of capturing them for future generations. I began this series in the autumn and it seemed to be an automatic reaction for me to pair some of the pieces of outdated technology with fallen leaves in the yard. The leaves and season represent the decay and changing of technology, as well as the passing of time. I hope viewers will see my modern portrayal of these objects as a reminiscing celebration and that the series will invoke feelings of nostalgia."

The vernissage will take place on May 18 at 8 pm, at The Art House Cafe.


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