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Public Art 2018 National Call for Proposals to Emerging Artists

Public Art 2018
National Call for Proposals to Emerging Artists

Canadian Heritage is seeking a dynamic, impactful image that conveys the theme of ‘passage’- en route; on the way; on a journey; an act, process, or instance of passing through or over; on the move; transition.

The winning image will be reproduced on exterior quality graphic film and installed on the York Street Steps for a one-year period starting in spring 2018. Deadline for submissions April 16, 5 pm (EDT).

Open to all Canadian visual artists, photographers, graphic designers and illustrators between the ages of 18 and 35. All genres will be considered – figurative, abstract, collage, trompe l’oeil, optical illusion, pattern, etc.

The Art in the Capital Program, managed by Canadian Heritage, aims to raise the profile of public art in the urban spaces of Canada’s Capital Region. Public art is an integral part of urban landscapes and contributes to a vibrant, enriched society.
The York Street Steps are in a high visibility location in the core of Canada’s Capital Region linking the historic Byward Market district to Major’s Hill Park and Parliament Hill. The steps are used by thousands of visitors and residents each year.
Considerations Each artist may submit three proposals.

Artistic Considerations
- Inspired by the thematic.
- Suitable for a public of all ages.
- Maximum use the available space (to the extent possible).
- Use of bright, saturated colours.
- Clear and visible from a distance.

Technical Considerations
- The image can be created using traditional (drawing, painting, ink, etc.) or digital techniques
- The image must be sent in low resolution digital format (.pdf or .jpg)
- The image cannot contain any text

NOTE: Artists should consider the following for their submissions:
The artwork will be applied to the risers of 4 sets of 7 steps. Measuring from the inside of the handrails on each side, the steps narrow from the 21’ base to 15’ at the top.
Second level risers bottom 19’8”
Second level risers top 19’
Third level risers bottom 17’3”
Third level risers top 16’8”
Fourth level risers bottom 16’0”
Fourth level risers top 15’3”
The total height of the surface area is approx. 15’

Selection Criteria
A committee of three members from the fields of arts and design will base its decision on:
- Creativity in conveying the theme.
- Quality of the composition.
- Vibrancy and clarity of the image.
- Impact of the image seen from close-up and at a distance
- Use of space.

The artist will retain copyright of the image, and will grant PCH perpetual permission to use photographs and video clips of the work for non-commercial promotional purposes. Proposed works must not infringe upon or violate any copyright or other intellectual property rights.

The artist will receive a fee of $2,500 for the exhibition of a graphic image (original or existing) using traditional or digital techniques.
Content to be presented in the proposal
1. Name and contact information (address, telephone, email)
2. Brief description of the artistic process
3. Proposed image(s) in low resolution digital format (.pdf or .jpg)
4. Description of the proposed image(s) in 250 words or less (title, medium, dimensions, date, thematic link)
5. Brief résumé (two pages maximum)
IMPORTANT – The selected image must be sent in high resolution digital format at 150 dpi or greater, at 100% of the original size. If this requirement cannot be met, the digital format may be smaller but the resolution should be higher to ensure that the reproduction is of the highest quality.

Submission of Proposals
Please identify your proposal: Passage 2018
All proposals must be submitted by email to: