Calls for Submission

Glebe BIA Mural Program Call to Artists

Glebe Mural Project
Closing date for submissions: Sunday April 1, 2018
Commission: To be determined and dependent on project scope.

The Glebe BIA is seeking creative submissions for a large-scale mural that celebrates life in our city and neighbourhood.
Artists and artist teams are invited to propose mural projects that will animate the area and enrich the Glebe’s creative energy. With a theme of “Bringing Spaces to Life,” we hope to further create an on-street experience that is second to none; one that truly celebrates life in our country, our city, and our great downtown neighbourhood – the Glebe.
Murals that reflect life in Canada and capture the essence of the Glebe’s community spirit will be given highest consideration. Through the arts, we hope to convey the story of the Glebe to visitors and residents of the neighbourhood.

Submissions should conceptualize a painting, mosaic artwork or art installation that will be applied to exterior walls. The creation of these murals will enrich the community and on-street experience by:
Creating landmarks
Demonstrating community identity and pride
Enlivening and beautifying the area
Deterring graffiti
Creating a “wow” moment for tourists, residents and customers
Key considerations:
Artist(s) involved
Location, scale, and concept of the mural
Visual competition of the mural within the visual landscape
Maintenance plan for the mural
Minimizing negative space to deter graffiti

The Glebe BIA, in partnership with the City of Ottawa and Underground Sound, will fund winning concepts and help facilitate their production and installation.

Artists and artist teams interested in participating in the Glebe Mural Program should submit ONE copy of each of the following:
A letter of Interest of no more than one page explaining the artist’s or artist team’s interest in the project, experience working on comparable projects, and statement of approach
A resume not to exceed two pages, including artist training, professional experience and art/public art commission. If submitting as a team, a separate resume should be submitted for each team member
Three work samples (including title, year, location, and image) of your past or current projects
A design concept sketch
A project name
A maintenance plan for the project
Complete contact information
Professional references (upon request)
Artists may submit more than one design proposal (template) along with a statement for each design. Do not send any materials not specifically requested (i.e. transparencies, DVDs/videos, articles etc.), as they will not be reviewed by the jury. Any hard copies of submissions will not be returned.

Designs cannot contain advertisement or promotion for any business, product or viewpoint
Designs may not include any breach of intellectual property, trademarks, brands or images of illegal activity

To be determined and dependent on project scope.

Applications must be submitted by Sunday April 1, 2018 at midnight.
Submissions or questions should be addressed to Trevor Greenway, Communications & Membership Engagement Officer at or 613.680.8506 or sent to 858 Bank Street, Suite 110, Ottawa, ON, K1S 3W3.