Calls for Submission

Call for Applications: CSArt Ottawa 2018-2019 Season

CSArt Ottawa is looking for a brand new season of local artists.

CSArt Ottawa, or Community-Supported Art Ottawa, is named after the community-supported agriculture (or ‘farm share’) model by which it was inspired. Subscribers buy in at the beginning of the season, which directly supports the artists as they create work for the subscribers. Then, from September to May, the subscribers receive a share of the artistic harvest.

We are looking for artists who 1) work within 100km of Ottawa (Gatineau included); 2) are doing cool things in their discipline and are cultivating a distinct style; and 3) have a project that can fit within the model, creating something original and exclusive for 70-90 subscribers.

We will be taking applications online until January 15th, 2018: http://goo.gl/forms/VFrn6b4of1SKCfMx1

For more information visit http://csartottawa.ca, or contact Artistic Director Megan Piercey Monafu at megan@csartottawa.ca.