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Robot Missions - Field Test at Westboro Beach

Sat, 23 September 2017
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Westboro Beach

At Robot Missions, we are harnessing the power of robots to clean our
During the interactive Field Test, you will assist in our testing of
the robot. This includes operating the robot, and helping set up tasks
to measure advanced features. Sub-groups will note observations and
monitor the robot. We are addressing the harm to our shorelines caused
by the rising levels of pollution. This is a pertinent issue in
locations in the world. Our Field Test is a look at the future the
roles robots will play in addressing this challenge. This Field Test
will be a part of the Clean the Capital campaign in Ottawa.

Introduction to STEM, Robotics

Seeing robots in action, applied to a problem, is a great way to be
introduced to STEM. The highly interactive and hands-on activity will
help to spark the curiosity about robotics

Environmental Stewardship

We're taking a look at the future of environmental stewardship by
inventing new tools for citizen science. If you care about preserving
our natural spaces, join in and share your experience with us

Open for all ages

If you are passionate about the environment and robotics, join us! You
do not need any prior experience


Field Tests are an experiment! There are times when the robot might
not work perfectly, and other times where we observe interesting
emergent features. Through this is how we learn.

Goals for this Field Test include:

• Beach is cleaner (both robot and manual efforts)

• 1st Robot collects 15 pieces of debris found on the beach (as helped
by 30 participants!)

• 2nd Robot cleans an area of 15% less debris coverage after 30 mins

For more info visit http://www.robotmissions.org/ or register at


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