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Healing Powers art show

Healing Powers art show
Healing Powers Vernissage
August 16th at 7:30 PM until 11 PM
at Venus Envy at 226 Bank St

Venus Envy is kindly hosting my first solo show this August.

This year has been a hard one for me as much as it has been a time of healing. I believe that healing comes in many forms. Whether it is socially acceptable or not to show that progress I am still not totally sure. A lot of my healing this year has come from utilzing art as a means of therapy for myself when I needed to express myself to others and have a place to put my negative emotions in a constructive format. Now I am proud to see that the content of my work has slowly evolved into more positive reflections of myself (while still holding true my hot mess of a self).

So if you are interested in seeing Sailor Moon, David Bowie and Riverdale paintings with some other good stuff sprinkled in there you should definitely come by for a drink and say hi to some nice people!

There will be some alcohol available to purchase at the venue.


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