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G101 presents Intimate Entanglements

Dyed in the Wool (2017), Credit: L. Wilson

Intimate Entanglements

Lindsey Wilson

July 20 - 28, 2017
Vernissage: July 27, 5-7pm

Intimate Entanglements is the MFA thesis exhibition of emerging artist Lindsey Wilson, and is presented in collaboration with the University of Ottawa Department Of Visual Arts. Lindsey’s work is process driven and is grounded in an intimate relationship with craft materials. Working in a multidisciplinary fashion, but primarily with textile based materials, her practice investigates the complexity of bodily relationships to materials, objects, and the spaces they occupy. Invested in queer and feminist interventions in the production of art and knowledge, Intimate Entanglements is an exploration of the practice of dyeing wool with plant based materials, described by the artist as a sort of “kitchen alchemy”. Incorporating techniques such as weaving, crochet, and hand-spinning, Wilson’s woolly installation invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a multisensory experience that encourages a reconsideration of domestic tasks as essential to producing knowledge and
constructing identities. Tending to the work daily, the artist’s body is implicated in the slow process of dyeing and the work becomes at once sculptural and time-based.

Gallery hours:
Monday to Friday 10am-5pm


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