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G101 Presents - Feminist Drone Workshop with YlangYlang;id=48b47bdd3a&e=18f749ec4c
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Feminist Drone Workshop for underrepresented groups
w/ YlangYlang

Thursday, May 25, 2017, 7-9pm

Members cost: $40
Non-members: $60
Max participants: 10

If price is a consideration, please contact (
Bursaries are available on a limited basis.

In preparation forNational Drone Day this year, we are holding a drone workshop to support underrepresented populations, especially girls, women, 2 Spirit and LGBTQ people who want to learn about the practice of drone in preparation for participation on the day. Gallery 101 is hosting National Drone Day in Ottawa May 27th, 2017, in partnership with Weird Canada

This workshop aims at sharing an intuitive approach to music, and in this case, drone and ambient music. First, we will experience sound as a sensation and talk about what can be perceived in certain selected compositions. How does the piece evolve, fluctuate, flow? What are the different elements at play? Then we'll talk about the act of improvising and how to explore, experiment and listen in a sensible and creative way. In the second portion of the workshop, everyone will work on synth pieces with pedal effects and loop. We will be adding layers one by one organically to create lush environments. We'll also jam with voices, objects, space and any instruments brought to the event.

Mostly self-taught, YlangYlang has been involved in numerous projects, both composed and improvised during the last 12 years. Under the moniker YlangYlang, she has released albums on various tape labels in Canada, Europe and USA and performed in many different settings. She sees music as a friction between pure freedom and intellectual structures - jamming with one’s emotions, memories, senses and thoughts- as a fun and potent expressive


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