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Call for stories on the theme: "In too deep"

The next (un)told is taking place March 27, 2017
The theme this month is, "In too Deep".

Have you ever taken on too much? Been privy to wayyy to much information? Maybe there was a time you got yourself into a sticky situation, but successfully plotted your way out? Ever been head over heels for someone? Was there a time when you took a huge risk and thought you were "in too deep", but it ended up being the best choice you ever made?

If this kind of thing rings a bell, FB message or email us ( with a few lines about your story - we'd love to hear it told on the 27th! Especially if you're a lady - since March 8th is International Women's Day, we're prioritizing space for stories told by women!

Notes for storytellers: your story is true, it's about you, it's 5 minutes, and no notes or props. You don't need any performance experience.

Nothing come to mind?
Just come out and enjoy a night of original stories told live!

Monday, March 27, 2017
7:00 PM
Byward Market Heart and Crown, Black Rose room
67 Clarence St.

Admission to this event is FREE.

P.S. (un)told happens on the last Monday of every month. Our theme for April 24th is "Missed Connetions." Send us your pitch any time!


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