Polytectures: structured sounds in the capital

October 11th, 2011

I imagined that a soundwalk in the city that was not so much about the history of its architecture but about the experience of the architecture through music compositions. I was aware that there was a trend in different art forms for site specific creation but I never thought that it could apply to music writing. And that’s what Polytectures consists in really: asking a team of composers to write a music piece that is meant to be listened to in a very specific space, in contact with a specific building.

Thelivingeffect Panel

February 22nd, 2011

On Saturday 29 January, I attended a panel discussion held by the Ottawa Art Gallery in conjunction with the exhibition The Living Effect. The exhibition and the panel discussion were the result of the research, effort and connections of curator Caroline Seck Langill (although she wasn’t alone and the support of many others was mentioned).

A note on EF’s print design(er/s)

November 8th, 2010

Some closing remarks on Electric Fields 2010 will come later but for now, just a quick note to tip my hat et lever mon verre to Simon Guibord. When he isn’t working at Daïmon, running a record label or playing in If Then Do and Kingdom Shore, it seems he is churning out some very […]

Bass Maker Elektra Pow wow – Day 4 recap!

November 7th, 2010

Things are winding down but yesterday was très big so allons-y! Started things off with a talk on BASS by PhD candidate and DJ Paul Jasen. In about 90 minutes, Paul covered the use of bass and its impact on the body from the earliest incarnations of the pipe organ in 300 B.C. right to […]

More Lumens = Better Art – Night 3 recap

November 6th, 2010

Most consumer grade LCD projectors hover somewhere 2600 lumens in terms of brightness. What do you do when an 18 000 lumen projector aimed at at 12’x22′ screen? Have a kick ass event? Sure. What do you do when moments before the event starts, this monolithic projector hanging so carefully from the ceiling reads off […]

3D Tesla – Day 2 recap

November 5th, 2010

Hi Friends. I am back! Here’s a photo. Getting cozy in the third dimension of Artengine’s M70 lab Alright. Mostly, last night was the Festival launch and thelivingeffect at the Ottawa Art Gallery. Tonnes of stuff happening at the AGO right now. Can I just say how awesome the list of the festival’s sponsors is? […]

Elektra sur le spot durant Champs électriques

November 1st, 2010

Pour la dernière soirée de Champs électriques, Elektra, le festival d’arts numériques de Montréal, présente 3 performances/présentations.  Parce les descriptions de projets AV c’est pas toujours sexy, voici quelques mots sur chacunes des pièces tirés du programme puis des liens pour voir des extrais. Ensuite, vous viendrez voir ça en vrai. This Is Not Design, trame00… un […]

Petite jasette – Tvestroy avec Andrée Préfontaine

December 15th, 2008

A.P: Quelle expérience sonore avez-vous vécue dans l’espace acoustique et rectangulaire de l’église Sainte Bridgid? Danny: Je m’attendais à une réverbération qui allait brouiller le son. À ma grande surprise, le système de son modeste à été significativement amplifié par le lieu. Le son était très clair et très puissant. La légère réverbération donnait un […]

Si tu ouairais ce que j’ai vu dans ma jacuzzi.

November 23rd, 2008

Grou Tyme. a.k.a. Good time Acadie style. Pou’ n’importe qui, qui yé sorti à SAW hiâre swoir sé quossé qu’eje parle about. Place pacté avec des DJ’s qui y’ont su plaire la crowd. I mean, Jackson 2Bears a memorizé le monde, BEARwitness a keeper tout’ le monde together, Dee Jay Frame, Deejay Ndn pis Chris […]


November 22nd, 2008

Lights pis l’électronique, sé quossé qui y’allait d’on hiâre swoir pou’ Electric Fields. J’m’ai levé le chu de mon ordi about 10 heures pou’ m’en aller à SAW. Boune p’tite crowd out pou’ l’événement, qui y’a valu la peine. Checké les portraits d’la swoiré. Entre lé sets, Mike pis moi sé planté devant y’une installation. […]