TheArts Birthday is to be celebrated in Ottawa's Mercury Lounge on January 17th.
This years title is Airband in celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the first radio Broadcast. A collection of students from the University of Ottawa's Visual Arts department and guests have come together and organized an event which is an interesting blend of art, music, and technology.

Mercury Lounge 56 Byward Market Square

The colour bars of a testpattern is projected on three strings fixed on a wall that people can manipulate. Three pickups are joined to an amplifier which converts the amplitude of the strings to voltage which is then processed in the arduino. Pure data is used to create an alteration of sound and colors given which string is being manipulated. Each of the string corresponds to a colour (red, blue, and green) that is altered by touch. The movement of the strings affects both the change of colour (its chrominance and luminance) and the sound. This project aims to experiment with some aspects of sound frequencies and video signal.
"Cut Mouth Bleeding Razor (the holy yells! They bade farew--)""I will be using an installation piece I created as an instrument for a live performance of original "music" which will sound like a head on collision of Sonic Youth and Pavement, creating a horrifying sonic mess, and the surviving members of the Velvet Underground will be standing there wondering what happened."If you need it to be more serious:"I will be performing a few pieces of electroaccoustic music based around an instrument I created. This instrument was created in the traditions of the 20th century's artistic concepts of 'creating something new'. I will use this instrument in a largely improvised performance, reacting to it reacting to me."Or something. Hell, you can make it up if you want. You have the basic jist of it.Basically I'm going to freak out on stage for ten to twenty minutes while rambling on. My actual project is just an element of my performance, and the performance just demonstrates a utilization of the project. It's all very incestuous.
Human beings need certain elements to survive. They need shelter, water and food. Those are the very basic of our needs. When meeting a friend or a loved one for a dinner, we often share special moments. The food we eat often seems much better when someone we appreciate is there to share it with us. My project revolves around feeding our souls. I will be serving love for super tonight, please do come and join me at the Mercury Lounge to feed yourself with a few stories that feed the soul. I will be there ready to seat you and offer you a menu from which you will choose what soul food you crave tonight.
My project is a site-specific looping video. The issues that are being dealt with are; questioning the area that we occupy, how we percieve the world around us,being aware of the world around us, and challenging preconceptions.
Successions de sons corporels documentés à l’aide d’outils technologiques. Le digital permet de transformer et de modifier ses sons tout en montrant que le digital et le naturel se complimente. Un câble de guitare à l’aide d’amplificateur et de distorsion, ainsi qu’une aiguille de tourne-disque ont été placé et manipulé sur le corps, le corps servant d'intermédiaire pour créer ces sons, formant un rythme. Des paroles sont dictées par un narrateur électronique, un programme texte-voix, portant d’avantage une emphase sur cette idée du corps électronique/ naturel.
My initial idea for the project was a performance using an "air drum set". Using sensors in my hands and feet, I can play it without a touching a thing. As the project developped, I decided to also explore the relation between the artist and his creation. I found that the sensors picked up more than my drumming: my involuntary, thoughtless motions also produced sounds. I added oscillators and the option of turning different sounds on or off at the same time to "translate" my movements as I walk around the building throughout the event.
I will be doing a sound performance involving altered musical birthday cards which react by light sensors. The more light given to the sensor the faster the music plays, as well as the volume pitch heightening, if light is dimmed, the cards loose speed and strength, and in some cases simply crackle, or make no sound at all.
A large box (3' x 2 x 6'') with 3 lights situated at different levels in the box that would illuminate when a high, medium or low note was received from its sensors. The box cover is made out of translucent plexi painted over except for a number of vertical slots. The sensors will react to high, medium and low sounds causing a corresponding reaction. The idea is to transfer sound ranges into visuals.